Jacob Veitch is a senior pursuing a dual degree in International Business and Government and Politics at the University of Maryland. Jacob was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, but he would find himself living in Missouri, New York, Arizona, and Illinois throughout his youth. His life has been one of an ever-evolving perspective dedicated to inclusiveness and the open exchange of ideas.

Jacob continues to advocate for a smaller government in all respects, a government that chooses general conservatism over selective conservatism, and he believes that the MDFCR can be a leader in this respect!

Veitch has worked relentlessly to benefit the Republican cause as the Public Relations Chair, Vice President, and President of the University of Maryland Chapter of College Republicans. Additionally, Jacob previously served as a member of the Maryland Federation of College Republicans’ Finance Committee and as the Vice Chairman. As an intern at the United States House of Representatives, the United States Department of Homeland Security, and the United States Department of State, Veitch has also pursued a life of service to his fellow Americans, promoting greater efficiency and care in all federal government work.

Jacob envisions a future with a stronger, fully renewed GOP. He believes in growing and diversifying the Grand Old Party by reaching out to those that have never truly been exposed to the Republican message of individual empowerment. Veitch is a true believer that liberty brings people together! Deeply dedicated to the Republican cause, Jacob is ready to help lead the charge to a brighter tomorrow!


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